David Sellu granted leave to appeal his conviction.



In February 2010 Consultant Colorectal Surgeon David Sellu operated on a patient with a perforated bowel. Despite David’s efforts, the patient died two days later.
David was devastated at the death of his patient.
There followed a sequence of extraordinary events that led to David being tried at the Old Bailey and convicted of Gross Negligence Manslaughter. He has served 15 months in prison and is currently out on licence until the remainder of the two-and-a-half year sentence has expired.
Friends and colleagues up and down the country, as well as David’s former patients, are appalled at what has happened and the bizarre chain of events which led to a situation turning into a criminal case. This sad case was complex and multifactorial and it is extraordinarily unjust that one individual, the surgeon, was singled out to take blame for the whole chain of events, over much of which he had no control whatsoever.
We feel David was made a scapegoat. We have launched an appeal and the process is still ongoing; we are waiting for an oral hearing

The purpose of this website is to aid communication between those who are working to clear the name of David Sellu, and to provide a source of information for those interested in analysing and researching the case.

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Some of David’s supporters

  • John C Alcock

    Ex patient Alive and kicking due to David Sellu

    I was operated on by David for bowel cancer in November 1997 I believe he is responsible for me still being here today. It was he who recommended the chemotherapy treatment.
    His caring aftercare were second to none.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
    I pray for you and thank you for my prolonged life. My God keep you safe

  • Kenneth Levere

    Retired GP

    Mr Sellu operated on my late mother several years ago. She had cancer of the caecum. The operation was a success, and there were no complications. My mother was very appreciative of the care and kindness he showed, as was everyone in the family who met him.

  • Dr John G Myatt

    Consultant Anaesthetist

    I am very saddened and deeply concerned about what has happened to David Sellu and the wider implications to consultants and other healthcare professionals.